The Problem

While Blockchain inherently provides integrity & security at the transactional level, wide-scale adoption of dApps will require answers to 3 fundamental questions of trust.

Who is the person I want to transact business with?
What is known about this person?
Is the person really who he/she claims to be?

The Solution

Ryzgo is the first comprehensive protocol for user-level peer-to-peer trust in the Blockchain ecosystem. Developed on a patent-pending hybrid-chain federated architecture that’s designed to operate on a global scale, Ryzgo provides users and businesses a trust metric that’s portable across geographical boundaries and dApps in the Blockchain ecosystem.

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  • Globally unique
  • Portable across borders
  • Cryptographically secure
  • Multiple-personas
  • User-owned
  • On Blockchain


  • Attestations
  • Endorsements
  • Reporting identity theft
  • Global fraud database

Bona fides

  • Onchain transaction history
  • Trust Networks
  • Activity Networks

Your data is in your Trust Passport

  • It’s cryptographically secured
  • You control who gets access to it, when and for how long
  • It’s portable across all dApps & applications in the Ryzgo ecosystem

Use Cases

Ryzgo will be the Protocol of Trust for all interactions, creating a comprehensive assessment that’s easy to understand.


Export/Import, Lending/Extending credit, Trading goods & services


Payday lending, trading goods & services, Consumer loans, Long-term & vacation rentals


Chit-funds/ROSCAs, Grants, Fundraising, Charitable Contributions, Build up credit histories


Peter Watkins Chairman

Serial executive, entrepreneur, investor & advisor; Fund Raising/M&A expertise; Co-Founder/CEO Layer8 Security, CEO Webroot, CEO Elemental Security, CEO Resonate, President/COO McAfee; Yale, Wesleyan.

Balaji Venkateswaran CEO

Serial executive and entrepreneur; Driving force behind Ryzgo's vision; Fund Raising/M&A/Product Strategy expertise; Executive & Sr. management roles at Layer8 Security, Symantec, GuardianEdge Technologies, Elemental Security, Evolve Software; Master's degree in Engineering, specializing in AI.

Ashwani Verma Principal Architect

Technology leader; Rapid growth/Product Architecture expertise; Principal Software Architect Syncplicity, EMC, Principal Software Engineer Symantec, GuardianEdge Technologies; BTech from Indian Institute of Technology (Kharagpur).

Karuna Ramachandran Ph.D. Consulting VP of Data Science

Technology leader; Expertise in Data Science, Big Data analytics & behavioral economics; Scientist roles at Intuit (INTU) & Exponent Failure Analysis (EXPO); University of Western Ontario.


Mark Greene, PhD

Serial fintech executive & recognized thought-leader; CEO OpenLink Financial, CEO Fair Isaac (FICO), General Manager IBM, Economist Federal Reserve Board; Amherst College, PhD Univ. of Michigan.

John Bantleman

Serial entrepreneur, executive & advisor; CEO LBMS (IPO), CEO Evolve Software (IPO), CEO RainStor (acquired by TeraData); Venture Partner at Apax Partners.

Christian Ferri

Renowned blockchain expert & speaker; founder of Blockchain Compliance Foundation & BlockStar; featured in Forbes, Al Jazeera, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, etc.; speaker at the WEF Davos & BEF around the world.

Samir Kumar

Engineer with financial and banking expertise; extensive experience in South and Southeast Asia; Director Deutsche Bank, Director RBS (Singapore); co-founder of Parintek Innovations &Ashwatha Tree; BTech IIT (Kharagpur), MBA IIM (Kolkata).

Dusica Hannah Lukac

Seasoned fintech & crypto professional; COO 0xcert, founder Stizzbuzz, Strategy Head Volksbank, investment officer World Bank; MBA Univ. of Minnesota.